Diana Muldaur in Born Free.
Born Free, first aired in 1974, ran for thirteen episodes. The series was based on  Joy Adamson's books about her and her husband's lives as game wardens in East Africa. It's filmed entirely on location in Kenya. Diana Muldaur and Gary Collins played the Adamson couple. The cast also included Diana's first husband, James Vickery, and her future L.A. Law co-star Susan Dey.

The animal loving Diana Muldaur had just bought a house in the Pacific Palisades when she learned that she had gotten the lead in Born Free. She found the call of the wild "irresistible" and was off to Kenya three weeks later.

Born Free is one of the greatest shows of the seventies and a must for everyone who loves animals and nature. You also get to see Diana Muldaur in hat a lot!